Unique Value at McDonald’s Ain’t About the Big Macs and Fries!

The unique value of your business

is not your goods or services!

At McDonald's, the fries are not the unique value.

Sometimes your company's unique value is not about what it seems!

On the wall of every McDonald’s look for a bronze plaque to a guy named Ray Kroc.


 Ray was McDonald’s founder.  And I was fortunate enough to have an amazing conversation about McDonald’s Unique Value with Ray just before he retired.

Even today I’m still embarrassed at how lame-brained I was in those days.  I had the nerve to walk up to the founder of one of the greatest food service companies in history and ask him my version of “What do you do?”

It went something like this: “Mr. Kroc, to build a business like this, you must really have an incredible passion for burgers and fries.”

Kroc looked at me like the imbecile I was.

“This business is not about burgers and fries, son,” he said.  “This business is about my passion to give entrepreneurs like you the perfect, no-fail business.”

He could see I still didn’t get it.  “You’re an entrepreneur, right?  They tell me you started your own ad agency, right?” I nodded.

“Do you know that 80% of all entrepreneurs fail after 2 years?”

I nodded again, although I hadn’t checked the numbers.  “Well,” he continued, “I’m building a business where 99% of all entrepreneurs succeed beyond their wildest dreams.  But they must follow my detailed directions to the letter.”

As proof, he directed me to a list of McDonald’s 6,500 franchisees whose documented success stories (they were all millionaires) more than proved his case.

Today, of course, McDonald’s has created over 35,000 millionaire franchisees worldwide.  They still hold their 99% success rate.

Now that’s a “What do you do?” story told with passion, unique value, and proof!

Unique value is the key to McDonald’s business success and it’s the key to your business success as well.  McDonald’s has discovered its “special sauce” and you can discover yours.

Your Unique Value is not your goods or services.

Would you like to discover exactly how we Mad Men on Madison Avenue help companies like McDonald’s, Coke, Nike, and others discover their unique value?

Because unlike what you may have heard, great brands are not based on logos, color schemes, or name recognition.  It’s something deep inside you, like your DNA.  It’s your special talent or gift.

Great brands are built on Unique Value.   Your business will be built on your unique value, special to you and one one else.   Remember, people buy from people, not from companies.

Then we show you exactly how to communicate your own unique value directly to your target audience.  That is what attracts not just any clients – but perfect clients to your business.


And perfect client attraction is how you build a perfect business!   It all begins when your Unique Value owns a little piece of real estate inside the minds of your target audience.