Personal Branding Expert, Al CarlsonMeet Al Carlson, Personal Branding Pro…


Al founded and ran Alba Kids, one of the most innovative and fun-filled national advertising  agencies on Madison Avenue.


For nearly 3 decades he helped billion $ brands at Kraft, Target, General Mills, Mattel, McDonald’s, Disney, Nickelodeon, and many other Fortune 500 companies define their target audience and grow their relationships with moms and kids.


“So  what?” you might ask.  “How does Al’s Madison Avenue success help a struggling solo-preneur like me?  My cash flow’s in the tank, I’m not attracting decent clients fast enough, and I’m running out of enthusiasm fast!  In short, I need:

1. A simple, fool-proof system that will attract perfect clients to my business…

2. A coach who will help me uncover my special gift I can give the world – and it’s special value to others…

3. To identify my target market and my niche within that target who will gladly pay me what I’m worth…

4. Consistent profits to flow into my business that lead to joyful financial independence!


Like you, most online entrepreneurs are struggling like crazy to attract great clients – because these wonderful, gifted people are clueless about what the power of branding will do for their goods or services!


That’s  why Al created a simple, 3-step Personal Branding Gold System that can completely transform your coaching, consulting, and solo-professional business!


This exclusive, 3-step Personal Branding Gold System is all about (1) discovering your unique value, (2) instantly communicating that unique value to your target audience – and (3) getting well-paid for it.

Red, one of Al's cartoon "Selfs" characters from Al's Family Circle Magazine series, pulls his tie.

Al’s Personal Branding Gold System helps plant deep inside the minds of your target audience the perception that there is no other coach, consultant, or professional with your unique value, perceptions, and talent in the entire world.

And why is your personal unique value so important to building a successful business? 

Because people trust people more than they trust companies. 

But a superior personal band must be authentic to prosper.  A profitable personal brand reflects the dreams, life-purpose, values, and passion of the person who flies its banner.  That’s where the 3-Step Personal Branding Gold System becomes vital.

Your unique gift – your “special sauce” – is the key!

Al’s Madison Avenue expertise and creativity help you uncover and perfect your unique “special sauce” and let you transform your business into a one-of-a-kind goldmine.  As you achieve your business and financial goals, you also meet the needs of your target market while staying true to your own values, dream, and mission.

Because Personal Branding Gold is both an art and a science – keeping the creativity of your dream and the power of your values forefront while you master the science of brand-building will separate you from your competition.

Discovering your unique gift combines the visible with the invisible.

Of course marketing is about the visible: numbers, demographics, psychographics, and lots of measurements.  But it’s also about the invisible: influencing the minds of your clients, feelings, perceptions, Law of Attraction, and more.

If you are as comfortable exploring both sides of this profitable equation, then Personal Branding Gold System is definitely for you.

More money, more joy, in less time with “perfect” clients.

New “perfect” clients who resonate closely with your values begin to replace old ones not as closely aligned with those values.  This increases your profitability, your energy, your referrals, and more!

If you are excited by this alignment of personal and financial values – where competition is replaced by discovering one’s unique gift and being well-paid for it – then Personal Branding Gold is most definitely for you.

Al, a popular speaker and business coach, also wrote and/or illustrated a number of children’s books while raising his 5 kids in Manhattan. (See illustration scattered around the page.)

  From "Knight & Day"

Little Duffy Day and his mighty horse Thunder, from one of Al’s children’s books.