Everyone has a Secret Self. How’s yours?

Red, one of Al's cartoon characters (and his own "Secret Self), pulls Al's tie.

Who do you talk to when you talk to yourself?

If you answered, “No one in particular,” then you may be clueless about one of the most powerful beings in your life: your Self.

No, I’m not being cute. Everyone has a secret Self: an invisible “something” within that is aware of our every thought and emotion.

On a more practical level, our Self can protect us, help us succeed at any task we really believe in – or bring us down to defeat just when our goals seem within our grasp.

Sound weird? And besides, what the heck does all this Self-talk have to do with Network Marketing or succeeding at your own business?  Well, listen to my story.

How I met my Self

When I was a kid I fell off an apartment fire escape and into a cement stairwell that damn near killed me.  As I lay sprawled across the iron drain at the bottom, my head spinning and my bleeding fingers checking for broken bones, I heard a soft voice inside my throbbing skull.

“Take a deep breath,” the voice said.  “You’re gonna be okay.”

“Okay? How can you talk like that to a young boy, dying at the threshold of such a promising life?”  I could taste the salty blood from my nose oozing around my lips.

“Dust yourself off and get up,” it commanded calmly and without emotion.

I had heard that inner-voice a thousand times before.  Maybe we all have heard something like it in our heads.  Often it lectures us; sometimes it tells us stupid jokes.  But this time was different.  This time I knew it had been part of my circus-act-gone-wrong experience, yet it was somehow outside of me, too.  Most important, it didn’t experience any of my pain.

The voice was impervious to my suffering

“I’m your Self,” he said, as if he instinctively knew I was going to ask for some form of ID.  “Call me Red,” he added.  I closed my eyes and tried to imagine a little rusty-haired guy who looked something like me (I had red hair in those days).

“Glad to finally meet you, Red,” I said.

“You’ve got to start trusting me more,” Red whispered.  “I warned you about the old fire escape.”

“Oh, really?” I whimpered, blotting the blood from under my nose.  “Funny. I didn’t hear you.”

“I talk softly,” he said.  “You gotta get really quiet to hear me.  You should learn to work with me.”

I dusted off my grimy pants and tenderly limped homeward.

“You’re not alone, you know,” Red continued.  “You and I are connected to an infinite network of Selfs.”

“Network of Selfs?” I repeated, totally confused. “What the heck is a Network of Selfs?”

“Like the network of neurons in your brain.  But picture an infinite series of neuron networks! A Universe of brain-power.  That’s the most potent force known,” Red said.  “You think because you’re trapped in your poor, bleeding body you’re all alone?  Physically that may be true.  But mentally and spiritually you are unlimited!”

“Are you some kind of religious nut?” I asked.  I was waiting for him to pass the collection plate like Rev. Kerr did on Sundays.

“There’s nothing less attractive than a young cynic,” Red snapped.  “Hang with me, trust in me, and I’ll show you how to network with other Selfs.  Together, with all those other Selfs, you and I will be unstoppable.”

It was the beginning of a powerful friendship.

If you and your Self want to begin networking with an infinite number of other Selfs, Red and I suggest starting with our website.  You’ll be amazed what life-changing connections you’ll make there!

To be continued….

About Al Carlson

For decades, Al Carlson, the Personal Branding coach, helped develop and nurture many billion-dollar corporate brands on Madison Avenue.
Now he’s created a powerful, profit-building Personal Branding Gold System for coaches, consultants and other solo professionals.
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  1. Carol Leek says:

    Loved the story! Made me think of my own story and how I speak to myself often. I actually have some pretty good conversations. lol I always know that I am never alone. Jesus awlays has my back. It’s the times I try to do things all on my own, is when I get myself into negative land! Looking forward to the follow ups. Great job

    • Al Carlson says:

      Thanks, Carol for your wonderful, self-reflective comments. Sounds like you have a very powerful self-image and you know how to deal with little self-destruct when he comes along. Your comments remind me of a great quote by Ernest Holmes: “There is a Power for good in the Universe, and you can use it!”

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