avatarAl Carlson's The Power of the Ring is pure gold. So many times entrepreneurs rush into creating a brand by focusing on their logo, colors, design, etc. But they miss the most important part of branding which is finding your unique value.

Al's step-by-step guide shows you how to find, multiply and communicate your unique value to your target market.

One of Al's greatest gifts is storytelling. I love how The Power of the Ring takes this complex idea of branding and crafts a compelling story that shows you how to create your unique personal brand.

Cindy Schulson Niche Attraction Expert
avatarAl Carlson is truly a master at his craft.  He's a rare individual who can distill years of experience and wisdom into a few gold nuggets that everyone can understand.

I read The Power of the Ring twice!  Not because it was difficult - on the contrary, it's easy to understand - but because the concepts are that important.  Rarely do I find as much valuable information and new insights on business success packed into a first time book these days.

In The Power of The Ring, Al not only lays out compelling reasons for personal branding but also describes exactly how to discover your own unique value, increase that value, and communicate it to your customers.

In short, Al shows business owners and entrepreneurs how to forge their own gold ring!

When it comes to Personal Branding, I'll take the "Madison Avenue" guy as my coach.

Mike Wilson/ Smart Marketing Plans/Body by Vi Private Distributor
avatarThe power of being successful online is having your own “Personal Brand DNA”, and Al Carlson, in his book The Power of the Ringclearly explains what this means. He shows why this is vital, and the steps you need to take to discover your own unique value.

Al helps you understand the importance of being “authentic,” the steps you need to go thru to find the real YOU and how to then turn this into your “unique personal brand.” This is a process I have gone thru myself and without a personal coach it took me 10 months to discover who I really am, my passion, and then how to turn this finding into a product and monetize it.

So, as a side note, having a personal coach to help you with this process will definitely save you time.

Penelope Cox/The Educator Connector/The Penelope Cox Show
avatar"Al’s The Power of the Ring is a great marketing book that provided clear steps on how to discover my unique value, multiply it, and communicate it to my target audience.

"Al also helped me learn the 7 greatest advantages of Personal Branding DNA.  I now understand why my DNA will attract perfect clients - and how only perfect clients build a rock-solid business. Personal Branding Gold is a major "eye opener".



Vince Baglio Senior Leadership Coach with Bluepoint Leadership Development,, Inc.
Senior Leadership Coach with Bluepoint Leadership Development,, Inc
avatar"Al's coaching has been invaluable as a support and sounding board for the exciting new business I am creating.  His questions allowed me to become clear on who I am as an entrepreneur, what my unique value is to my clients, and even who my perfect clients are.

"Through Al's book, The Power of the Ring, and coaching, I have a deep understanding of how personal branding is more than a fancy logo or great graphics.  With Al, personal branding is teasing out the essence of who you are, and using that insight to magnetically attract the people who are looking for exactly what unique gift you have!"

Lori Boyd
Coaching Cognition
avatar"If you want your business to succeed, create wealth, enthuse your market, and blow away your competition, you need a personal brand!  And not just any personal brand, but “The Personal Brand Gold” that will perfectly attract success, wealth, and wonderful clients to you.

"Creating your unique brand is a transformational journey of discovery.  Read  and follow Al’s The Power of the Ring, and begin that 3-Step Journey to your unique Personal Branding Gold now!"

Eannah Wildish
Quantum Cowgirl Coaching
avatar“As entrepreneurs we know we have to bring new, successful solutions to our target market's most painful needs.  That said, many times our products or services might seem uncomfortably close to those of our top competitors.  What do we do then to trump the competition?  That's where Al's coaching really shines!

"Why?  Because Al teaches you how to make your business literally glow with originality, integrity, and warmth!

"He draws out of each our unique value - those precious qualities that reside down deep within our DNA.  Unique qualities that make each of us 'copy-proof', regardless of what our goods and services may be.

Just as successful artists, writers, and athletes develop their own unique style,  Al teaches business people to develop and nurture their own style, rooted in their unique talents, values, and lifestyle.  In short, people trust (and buy from) other people, rather than companies.


Jennifer Zambrano
Interior Designs, Inc.